What is Star Attraction?

Star Attraction is baton twirlers, cheerleaders, dancers and models who perform and compete. We are an Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Club. As such, we are part of a national sports federation involving nearly forty sports, including gymnastics, basketball, track and field, karate, and many more. The AAU was founded by one of the original members of the United States Olympic Committee to create a like competition venue for youth athletes. The USOC even today remains a backer of the AAU. It provides meritorious recognition to our sports.

Our club, which is separate from the Parks and Recreation program, invites all participants in the P&R classes to join Star Attraction. We have many extracurricular activities which have included parties, parades, community fairs, sporting events, concerts, mall presentations, nursing home shows, school assemblies, competitions, the AAU Junior Olympic Games, exchange trips and more! Although the children are not required to partake in any of these events, many children participate at least a few times throughout the year, because it is fun to do so! Most of our events are fun for the whole family.

Baton twirlers, Dancers and Cheerleaders who join Star Attraction will automatically be members of the Parade Corps. As its name connotes, these are the athletes who march in parades. As a part of the curriculum in the parks and recreation classes, they will be taught the parade routines. For all students, the motions and tricks taught in this routine are moves that are necessary to know for their sport. By learning these moves in a routine format, practicing and drilling these necessary moves becomes fun!

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